Once® Portal

Once® Portal gives you full overview of all drawings, documents, technical and procurement data. Once® Portal holds your document data by Project, Product or Service, and thumbnail images as well as easy PDF viewing of large files. Powerful functions for re-use, producing PDFs and tracking of project versions on individual items are standard. As a result, you'll experience a more efficient execution process.


  • Once® Portal provides access to all your documents, drawings, parts and tags
  • Once® Portal simplifies version handling in projects
  • Once® Portal gives you document control
  • Once® Portal gives you overview of purchasing data


  • Role-based access to engineering data
  • Built for re-use and configuration management
  • Document archive with native files version mgmt
  • Full tracking of parts and BOM items
  • Procurement and requisition register
  • Follow-up of a project or service delivery
  • Handling of review and mark-ups

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  • Once® Portal is set up for back-end previewing of large CAD files
  • Once® Portal has its own integration framework to adapt to other systems
  • Once® Portal can be configured for linking data to ERP, CRM and PLM